Homework Guidelines

It is the Toronto District School Board`s belief that homework is an engaging and relevant learning activity. In the Primary and Junior Divisions at Northlea homework will not be marked and the purpose is to practice and build on skills already taught in the classroom. It is important that homework be done independently by children. While parents and families can encourage and guide, we request that is done on their own. Staff will provide feedback to students after homework is completed. These feedback may include a written comment or be motivational in nature. There are four types of homework: completion, practice, preparation and extension. Highlights include:

  • The TDSB Homework Policy balances time required to complete homework with the importance of personal and family wellness and the wide array of family obligations experienced in our society today.
  • Wherever possible, homework will be assigned by teachers in blocks of time so that families can best support homework completion by balancing the time required to complete homework with extra-curricular activities scheduled outside of the school day and activities that support personal and family wellness.
  • No homework will be assigned on school holidays or days of significance.
  • The administration will speak about the Homework Policy at Northlea on Curriculum Night.
  • Homework should not be assigned to kindergarten-aged children. Rather, families are encouraged to engage in early learning activities such as playing, talking and reading together in English or in the family’s first language.
  • In Primary, the focus will be on a weekly homework package and daily reading and the use of an online Math website called, IXL Mathematics.
  • In Junior, the focus will continue to be on daily reading, staff will either assign a weekly homework package in the area of writing and mathematics or assign work during the week. They will also once again be using IXL Math as a component of their program.
  • Intermediate students will focus on daily work completion, test preparation and assignments. Staff will also begin to utilize an online calendar and may incorporate IXL Math into their program.
  • Homework for older students should be between 60 to 90 minutes for Grades 7 and 8 students.
  • Where appropriate, there will be progressive consequences for incomplete homework. Punitive measures are not appropriate as they provide powerful disincentives.