Home & School / Council Overview

Northlea parents are represented by one group of parent volunteers who fulfill 2 different roles; the Northlea School Council and the Northlea Home and School Association.

As mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the advisory role of School Councils is to make recommendations on any matter to the administration and the school board. Together, with school administration, staff and community members, the Northlea School Council is a welcoming forum that strives to improve student achievement and school performance.

Northlea’s Home and School Association is a member of the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations, which is a registered charity independent of the Ministry or school boards. Its role is to foster communication between the school and the parent community and to organize events and activities to enrich the school community and provide additional funds for selected school-based projects. Maintaining an independent Home and School Association allows for autonomy over finances and how fundraising dollars are spent.

Evening meetings of the Home & School / Council are held regularly throughout the school year and are usually focused on specific topics. Some of these for the 2015/16 year included; Funding Allocation Proposal reviews and selection, understanding EQAO and the School Improvement Plan, and understanding the new School Model for 2016/17.

These meetings are open to all parents of Northlea students and are extremely informative and we welcome everybody’s participation.